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TachoTimer 3 is now in stock. You can gain up to 45 minutes of extra driving time a day!

TachoTimer Tachograph

A driver's assistant that allows to use a “ONE MINUTE RULE” for driving time extension using a digital tachograph.

You can gain up to 45 minutes of extra driving time a day!

TachoTimer 3 was created to help drivers in situations when it is necessary to move the vehicle, e.g. at the request of public roads maintenance services, and at the same time to maintain the continuity of the break.

TachoTimer.3 works with all digital tachograph models compliant with the EU Commission’s Regulation No. 1266/2009. It is also compliant with the guidelines of the “Social Law in Road Transport - Guideline No. 3”

TachoTimer is a driver assistant that allows the legal use of a “1-minute rule” for driving time extension using a digital tachograph.

What is a “1-minute rule” ?

Each digital tachograph saves on the driver card the state of every minute that is prevailing in it. If in a given minute there are 29 seconds of driving time and 31 seconds of rest time, then the whole minute will be included in the rest time, and the tachograph will not register driving on the driver card just the rest time. Therefore, any vehicle that starts and stops before the end of 29 seconds of driving, and then the driver switches the tachograph

to rest mode or on other work before the end of 29 seconds, the tachograph will not register driving on the driver card.

Why we invented TachoTimer and how does it works ?

When you are using tachograph, you can also use “1-minute rule” function, even unconsciously e.g. If you move forward in traffic jam, just for less than 29 sec. So, if you know the one minute rule, you can use it knowingly even with the hand watch or regular stopwatch. But 10 years ago we understood that life gets easier when you have an assist that shows you with a green light when to move and a red light when to stop vehicle. As well assisted by a simple countdown and a beep. By its simplicity TachoTimer is so appreciated by professional drivers, especially on long international routes.

Tachotimer Tachograph

When TachoTimer usually assist professional drivers ?

A “1-minute rule” as a tachograph feature is using to gain extra time in following situations:

• Traffic jams that you can meet every day, you can save a lot of time here by covering short sections for 29 seconds - slow, occasional and repetitive driveways are what TachoTimer is best at.

• Parking with a load when you run out of daily driving time is often difficult to do all at once, which gives you a lot of opportunities to use TachoTimer.

• Unloading can take some time as queues can form at entrances and when you need extra time to prepare your load for unloading. Thanks to TachoTimer, you can save a lot of time on finding the right way to park, as well as on overcoming queues for several stages.

• The ferry, frequent chaos, traffic jams and queues to the ferry in Dover, Calais and Dunkirk, as well as ferries to and from Scandinavia are places where you can save your precious time!

• Borders, after Brexit and also on the eastern borders of the EU, customs officers will line you up at the border crossing, and you can save a few minutes with every single driveway, by turning on TachoTimer.

You can use TachoTimer.3 device repeatedly, by selecting the most appropriate operating mode:

• 29 sec – for short drives, in traffic jams or re-park (traffic jams, ramps

at borders or ferries)

• 58 sec – a slightly longer interval than the above (drives up to ramps

or on loading yards)

TachoTimer.3 allows you to extend the driving time and will enable you to a short drive,

e.g. when you need to move the vehicle, without interrupting the registration by digital

tachograph of the required rest time (PAUSE).


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