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Wide range of Tacho Heads and Accessories available. Download your pdf Tachograph guide here.

We are official distributors of Continental VDO in Ireland and we are carrying a wide range of tachograph heads and accessories.

VDO develops and produces digital tachograph systems according to national legal demands world-wide.

VDO offers various download systems for digital and analogue tachograph data and offers solutions for display and archiving purposes, all of which are tailored to meet different customer requirements.

We are carrying Digital Tahco Heads, 1318 Analogue Tachographs, 1324 Analogue Tachographs, KITAS Senders, Proximity and Impulse Senders, Cables and Leads, Accessories, Sealing Materials, Calibration Certificates, Kitas Stickers, Tacho Charts, Tacho Rolls, Conversion Kits and more.

Please fell free to contact us for more information. The brochure is available below in PDF for viewing or downloading.


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