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Firestone Air Spring - Eliminating Vibration in Global Transportation

Firestone is the world’s leading supplier of air springs for vehicular and industrial applications; serving a broad range of industries, including automotive, truck and trailer, and industrial manufacturing.

Firestone Industrial Products, specializes in air spring manufacturing and technology with a history of more than 80 years of research and development on technologically advanced air springs for the global marketplace. Firestone engineers air springs and related products for commercial trucks and trailers, cars, sport utility vehicles, light trucks, mini vans, motor homes, buses, agricultural equipment, rail and industrial applications. 

Airide™-Paving a smooth road ahead

We revolutionized transportation when we introduced the Airide™ air spring in 1934.Since that time, we have designed and manufactured more air springs for more applications than any other air spring company in the world. It’s why Firestone has earned the right to be called the “World’s Number 1 Air Spring.” But the proof is on the road.

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Air Springs for Trucks

The trucking industry is the backbone of the global economy. In America alone, trucks transport around 80% of all cargo, from food to heavy machinery, and their 3.5 million professional truck drivers log thousands of miles each week to get the job done. Firestone Industrial Products helps the industry and its drivers keep trucking in comfort with first-rate anti-vibration technology.

Air Springs for Trailers

It's no secret that trailers with air suspensions suffer much less wear and tear than those that ride on steel. They enjoy longer cab and vehicle life, lower operating costs, less downtime and fewer failures of expensive onboard equipment. And when trailers ride better, so does their cargo. Trailers equipped with air suspensions often experience less cargo damage than those with conventional suspensions. Firestone trailer suspension springs enable almost perfect load equalization between axles, so cargo stays put.

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Air Springs for Buses

Firestone Airide air springs provide excellent vehicle stability, improve steering and handling, and offer ideal passenger comfort. The design of our air springs provides for optimum burst pressure, enhancing safety even under extreme conditions-Firestone Airide air springs used by more suspension manufacturers than any other brand.

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