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Fleetparts Disc Brake Calipers

Fleet Parts is the Market Leader in Commercial Vehicle Disc Brake Caliper Re-manufacturing / Re-engineering, in terms of quality, availability, service & experience.

Fleet Parts have been Re-manufacturing Commercial Vehicle Disc Brake Calipers since 1985, beginning with the Hydraulic Calipers fitted to early Ford Cargo, and Leyland Roadrunner trucks, to the latest Bus, Truck & Trailer Air Disc Brake Calipers manufactured by Knorr-Bremse, Wabco (Perrot), ArvinMeritor (Girling), Haldex, Brembo, Saf, BPW etc…

Fleetparts have the capacity to remanufacture over 3,000 Disc Brake Calipers a month.

The Section Leader in charge of the Brake Caliper Section has over 30 years’ experience within the Company.


Every Fleet Parts Caliper is tested electronically. The test is designed to scrutinise the following areas:

ADJUSTMENT – To demonstrate that the Adjuster Mechanism is functioning as O.E., including fine adjustment.

SYNCHRONISATION – To ensure correct calibration of the Caliper mechanism and Tappets, eliminating the possibility of uneven Pad Wear, and undue heat issues.


BRAKING FORCE – To demonstrate and record, that under identical Test Rig conditions, Fleet Parts remanufactured Calipers exhibit the same Clamping Forces as the O.E.M. Equivalent.

ELECTRONIC WEAR SENSORS – Potentiometers & Wear Sensors are calibrated & tested with either OEM or Fleet Parts Commissioned bespoke Electronic Equipment.

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