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TRW Steering and Susponsion

The TRW brand is part of ZF Aftermarket, leader in the world for Original Manufacturer [OE] quality automotive safety products. Our TRW Braking systems, Steering and Suspension parts, Commercial Vehicle components and Service Tools are legendary for their engineering quality and innovative design. They are also famously well tested, in-house and independently.

Linkage and Suspension

The TRW Aftermarket range of linkage and suspension systems enables you to supply customers with high quality control arms, ball joints, tie rods and much more for commercial vehicles. Using low alloy steel and alternative metals like aluminium, TRW promises to provide excellent, high strength performance as well as improved efficiency to all commercial vehicles.

Every TRW product is produced to match the stringent original equipment (OE) specifications. With our Independent Aftermarket range, you can fit a selection of truck and trailer suspension parts to produce industry-leading performances.


TRW Linkage and Suspension products give you:

  • Five environmental tests help to improve safety in all conditions

  • High quality materials for longer lasting performance, saving businesses money in the long term

TRW Steering.jpg

Complete product regulation

All of the TRW commercial vehicle linkage and suspension parts are tested and examine to the limit, so we have complete control over every product that we supply. This allows us to, giving you peace of mind that whenever you choose TRW parts you are getting the very best.

The range of linkage and suspension parts available from the TRW Commercial Vehicles department includes:

  • Steering columns

  • Steering pumps

  • Steering gears

  • Pitman arms

  • Tie rods

  • Tie rods ends

  • V-Links

  • Radius rods

As this exhaustive list proves, TRW has everything covered when it comes to truck and other commercial vehicle linkage and suspension.

XCap Ball Joint

TRW has been giving you solutions for the commercial vehicle aftermarket industry for many years now and our TRW department is constantly updating and improving our selection of parts. By fitting our XCAP ball joint, you can give your customers’ vehicles a stronger, more robust performance across all types of conditions and driving scenarios.

X Cap.jpg

The XCAP has been designed for the future of steering and suspension technology, making it a must-have part for commercial vehicle drivers.

The XCAP gives you:

  • The very latest steering technology

  • The smallest and lightest component of its kind on the market delivering a more efficient performance

  • Ball joints that last up to four times longer than competitors

  • Enhanced dust cover design for better part protection

  • Reduced torque to provide enhanced steering comfort

  • More than 180 references to meet a variety of customer demands

Shock Absorbers

Through our TRW range we can offer you a huge selection of shock absorbers for your commercial vehicle customers, allowing you to make a real difference to the performance, efficiency and safety of their vehicles. We have developed a truly exceptional reputation for producing innovative, tailored and advanced shock absorbers, capable of meeting a wide variety of driving requirements.

TRW Shock.jpg

TRW shock absorbers provide the following benefits:

  • Super- reliable valves system for better performance

  • A 20% smoother piston rod surface for reduced friction and longer life

  • Metal discs within the piston valve resulting in quicker response times

  • The most advanced testing process to meet Original Equipment specifications

Our shock absorbers meet the very stringent standards of Original Equipment, meaning you can be assured that choosing TRW will allow you to provide businesses with real benefits to their on-road performance.

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