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Truck & Bus Parts Protocol. Working through Covid-19.

  • Constantly monitor guidelines set out by HSE and adopting all measures to protect staff, customers suppliers and the general public.

  • Keep transport moving in all sectors providing product and services as planned to all customers.

  • Closely working with our suppliers with internal measures in place to ensure that there is no adverse impacts on supply and service levels.

  • Staggered shifts with our personal in each area of expertise ensuring cover and minimising down-time.

  • Remote working has been implemented to reduce amount of staff on site at any one time.

  • Social distancing internally and at our trade counter.

  • Encouraging phone/email orders.

  • Sales Representatives contactable by mobile and email.

  • Sanitized handling of product form our warehouse to customers.

  • Collection of product in designated warehouse collection zone.

  • Delivery of product to customers at safe distance at drop off zone.

Phone: 01 409 8200 Email:


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