Monthly Specials

Euro IV & V Exhaust Silencers in Stock.

DESCRIPTION:As European authorities tighten their grip on exhaust emission from all types of vehicles, spare part suppliers need to follow suit. We are happy to introduce an extensive range of Euro VI & V products that completes your offering.

SPAL High Technology Fans and Blowers

DESCRIPTION:SPAL premium axial fans and blowers provide longer life, superior performance and cost savings over time.

DinSensor™, NOx Sendors

DESCRIPTION:We are proud to introduce the first line of NOx sensors for heavy duty commercial vehicles. The new DinSensor™ ensures accurate Urea dosing and can replace the OE sensor directly.

Tachograph quick reference guide.

DESCRIPTION:We now carry stock of Tacho Heads and Accessories. Contact us for more information. The brochure is available below in PDF for viewing or downloading.